Permanent Jewelry FAQ

Gold-filled & Sterling Silver Pricing:
Ring $45
Bracelet $75
Anklet $85
Necklace $110
Charms $30
Solid 14K Gold Pricing:
Ring $75
Bracelet $165
Anklet $175
Necklace $165
Charms $45
Q: Do I need an appointment for permanent jewelry?
A: No! Walk-ins are always welcome, no appointments needed.
Q: If it's permanent, does that mean it will never come off?
A: Permanent jewelry is welded on and meant to stay on as long as you wish! If you ever want or need the bracelet off, you can clip it at the connecting ring and save your chain for a future reattachment. 
Q: What is gold-filled? 
A: Gold-filled chains are the closest you can get to a solid gold chain. Gold-filled has 100 times more gold alloy than a gold plating. Gold-filled chains are meant to last and can be worn in water. 
Q: What happens if the chain breaks off?
A: We offer complimentary re-attachements if your chain breaks off. However if the chain is broken beyond repair a new chain will need to be purchased. 
Q: How long is the process?
A: Choosing your chain and charms typically take the longest! Once you've made your choice, the welding process can take less than 5 minutes. 
Once you leave the store, all Modrn Luxe Jewels sales are final.